April Community Creations

Written by Clare, Community Manager.

Header image submitted by Mereak Firmaxe (more info on this build below!).

**Spoiler Warning** - The showcased items below contain spoilers for locations, unlockable items and in one case, a major endgame story point. If you have not completed the Campaign Mode you may wish to stop reading here! 

Turugnî hisgin!

Ever since the Beta, we’ve loved seeing the different parts of Moria captured in screenshots, restored and built upon by players. Our awe at what players create has only increased since launch and with each subsequent update and we felt it was time to celebrate members of our community and their creations, especially following the update to Title Update 2 on PC, coming soon to PS5,  and the release of the Alpha of Sandbox mode on PC.

We asked players to submit images and/or video clips to us to share some of their favorite creations with the Return to Moria team and to be in with a chance to be featured in this months Community Creations blog post and on our socials. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their creations, we really enjoyed going through them all and it was hard to select just a few! Check out the featured community creations below, and if you don’t spot your own, don’t worry, we want to keep showcasing community creations and will have more opportunities to submit your pieces over the coming months! 

To kick things off we have this absolutely stunning shot of the Tomb of Kings illuminated by a crystal skylight taken by Aynar Burinul. The composition of this shot is fantastic! 

Next up we have a base tour from Punkrockin4220. I especially love the first room shown here which looks so warm and cozy, and the song at the end of the video was a fun addition to the tour!

JXRaiv took this 360° panoramic picture of one of their older bases from when Moria first launched. In case the embeding below doesn't work, you can also view and pan around this scene via https://kuula.co/post/5xkjX - Stitched together using 27 screenshots, I loved panning around to find the Dwarf in this scene!

If you’re a regular on our Discord, or watch Return to Moria players on YouTube, you may recognise our next community member. Durin Seventh / DurinDeathless shared a quick tour of his build “Pilgrim Library Plaza” - It’s a wonderful and expansive build taking Dwarven life in this space in Moria into consideration and also features some of the new decoration items available to players following Title Update 2 on PC.

Another name you might recognise from our community is Mereak Firmaxe who documented his adventures through Moria and creations therein. For this showcase we have a short tour of the Sentinel Shield Brewpub, which is but a small part of a much bigger build he created. Made in the Alpha of Sandbox Mode on PC, the Brewpub is a great space for Dwarves to relax after a day in the Mines. The multiple levels around the brew tanks is such an awesome design feature in an already well decorated space!

Lastly… We’ve seen a good number of screenshots from both solo Dwarfs and Dwarven groups that have taken down the Dragon in Moria since release. Without failure they bring a smile to our faces every time we see them. That’s one of the reasons we love this screenshot. Taken by JaxxThePirate and submitted by WeSmilingMe it shows a well deserved moment of celebration for their Dwarves after their triumphant defeat of Narag-Shazôn!

That’s all for this showcase - Thank you again to everyone who participated this month and keep an eye for submissions opening for future showcases soon!

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