Patch 1.0.2 Release Notes


Turugnî hisgin!


Happy Patch 1.0.2 day!

Firstly, on behalf of the team, thank you to everyone for your support of The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Our motto in the next few months is “Mumshanmê,” the Khuzdul word for “At your service.” We are humbled by how many people love and enjoy the game. It is now our job to pore over your feedback and reports so we can keep improving your experience! While Version 1.0.2 is just the first of many patches and updates to come, it includes over 120 individual fixes and we hope you feel the difference.

Please continue to report any feedback and issues you experience via our support page. The information shared in these reports is very helpful to the team, especially when it comes to quickly resolving bugs and making gameplay adjustments.

We are already hard at work on our next update about which we will share more details as we get closer to finalizing.

Thank you once again for all your support - we’re really enjoying hearing about all the adventures players are having as they take back Moria!

Baruk Khazâd!
- The RtM Team

Fixes for Patch 1.0.2 include: 

Statue Repair and Recipe Fragments:

  • Many players reported that repairing statues gave them coins instead of a recipe, sometimes even preventing them from progressing. The cause of this is now fixed.
  • Please Note! If you were affected by this bug, we have re-broken all statues in the world. Any previously restored statue will be repairable for free and should immediately start awarding any missing recipe fragments. 
  • The reward for repairing statues after collecting all fragments has been changed to coal and iron ore. Please note, If you receive ore instead of an expected recipe fragment please try repairing a few more statues to let the system catch up.

Performance & Bugs:

  • Improved load times when fast traveling between locations in the world, especially very large locations like the Drain Pumps. We say “improved” because it will get better in the next update. 
  • Fixed issues with Meal Tables, Bellows and other crafting stations that failed to register in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed issue with furnace timer not counting down after sleeping. 
  • Fixed issue with furnace not allowing player to collect ingots after sleeping in the same bubble.  
  • Fixed issue that prevented use of the Rune table when the incorrect text “ "Only in KO and CN" was erroneously displayed.
  • Further work to reduce infinite and long loading “Dot” walls.
  • Fixed issue where Drakes and Spiders would get stuck and not move or attack correctly.
  • Fix to multiplayer connections that disconnected all players at once. That was a fun Friday night.
  • At least 7 known crashes resolved.
  • Many other smaller bugs and issues were resolved.

Tuning Improvements, based on Community feedback:

  • Drastically reduced number of enemy patrols, especially at night.
  • Increased rewards for fighting enemies, including a rare Black Diamond drop on Orcs and Uruks plus a guaranteed Black Diamond drop for Trolls and Nameless Beasts. Let’s go hunt some Troll.
  • Reduced the average difficulty of enemy encounters in Westgate. 
  • Reduced number of wolves in Elven Quarter. 
  • Nerfed the penalties for Fast Travel, including: reduced Energy and Hunger costs, added a short window to fast travel again without penalty (a do-over), and now buffs from meals (“Well Fed”, “Full”, “Stuffed”) will negate the costs of fast travel.
  • Increased the prevalence of scale drops, including from Drakes and, rarely, Ghash Orcs. Additionally, the scale cost of the Shaz’akhnaman has been reduced.
  • Increased the drop rate of Gundabad Slag from Gundabad orcs while also reducing the amount needed to smelt Durinul Iron Ingots.
  • The Torch, Zarôk Torch, and Miner’s Helmet now prevent Despair at night by dispelling the “In Darkness” debuff. Note: Despair will still occur in the Darkest Deeps and when touching shadow regardless.
  • Deep Orc camps now populate with the correct number of enemies.
  • Fixed issue where singing would stop stamina from draining for all activities, instead of just mining, as was originally intended. 
  • Legendary Forges no longer have fuel requirements.
  • Player health when respawning from death increased to 100%
  • Player health when revived by a friends increased to 40%
  • Slight decrease in HP restored by rations, primarily Cram. 
  • A set of wooden stairs was added to the initial building set
  • For players who have previously built a small hearth the stairs should unlock when you manipulate items in your inventory.
  • Increased the Ironwood rune’s drop chance for Ironwood. If you have not discovered this yet, the best way to gain Ironwood remains to inscribe a rune on an axe and go tree chopping.

Art & Audio

  • Updated wake up after death animation
  • Improved enemy death poses to prevent cut off body parts
  • Spiders nests will no longer flicker
  • Player dialog volume balancing while in combat. 
  • Reduced wing flap volume for flying creatures. 
  • Reduced specific Orc Screaming audio event.  Most players know the one. 

Fight at the Drain Pumps

  • Fixed issue where client could not see that enemy’s damage state
  • During the fight, piers are now much more vulnerable to destruction. Watch where you are standing!

Final Boss Fight

  • Improvements to story path before and after.
  • Lip sync improvements during conversation with Her.
  • Many audio tweaks and tuning to improve the experience of the final boss fight. 
  • Many more experiential improvements to come in the next update.

Controller Support

  • Fixed a soft lock when fast traveling while using a controller
  • Added Exit functionality to chat when using the controller. 
  • Fixed “Mark all as read” functionality on controller
  • Menus show correct inputs when using controller (instead of keyboard)


  • Fixed a number of untranslated (English) strings for all supported languages. 

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