PS5 Patch Release Notes


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A patch to address save game errors on the PS5 version of the game is now available. Please read the information below regarding this patch. Once your game is updated you will see version number in the bottom left of the main menu in-game.

The aim of this patch is to alleviate the problems of large saves becoming corrupted. Following this patch, the amount of space available for future saves will be expanded, however in order to this, this patch will perform a small migration of old save data to a new location on your PlayStations drive.

Please note:

  • In order to prevent the issue occurring again in this new location, we have also limited the number of world saves a player can make at any given time to 40. If you have auto-updates turned off and have not done so already, we recommend that, if you have over 40 world saves, you delete any unwanted saves before updating your game. If you have over 40 saves at the time of the update the 20 most recently created worlds will be migrated first, and of the remaining saves, the 20 biggest will then be migrated for a total of 40. Because of the new limit to world saves, any saves remaining after the migration will be erased. If you have under 40 world saves, no action is required.
  • Character saves should not be directly affected by this migration, and players do not need to delete any characters. 
  • You may wish to back up your saves before this update, or may already have saves backed up. In this case, saves made prior to the update will be automatically migrated once they are restored from a backup. 

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as the team worked to release this patch asap. Issues that affect players' saves are so heartbreaking to hear about for us on the RtM team and we hope that this patch will prevent further issues around saves from occurring for players. 

If you have been affected by the recent corruption errors, please contact us via: While the patch unfortunately cannot restore lost saves, the information sent to us via tickets can help us to track the impact it had on our community and while we do not always get a chance to respond to every ticket, we do read them.

Thank you, as always, to our fantastic RtM Community for your ongoing support. The team now returns to the forges to continue their work on future updates.

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